A Community-Powered Film & TV Blockchain Ecosystem

View, vote, fund and support your favourite media projects in a de-centralised ecosystem and marketplace.

ICO kicks off Q2 2018 with 60 million user wallets.

Empowering Viewers
Asia's Largest Film & TV ICO

The Problem

Large studios with self serving agendas and their middlemen are imposing their choice of content on viewers and charging them exorbitantly for it. It’s time to challenge the status quo. This is exacerbated by distribution platforms being transactional with no room for community engagement.

The Solution

SPOKKZ is letting the viewer decide what content works – and at what price by giving him / her access to a decentralised ecosystem and marketplace. By crowdfunding and helping promote movies & TV shows, viewer communities will join producers, content creators, distributors, stars and advertisers as equal stakeholders.


"Scale meets Speed"

Spokkz and Zilliqa announce a ground breaking blockchain collaboration.

Spokkz will be powered by Zilliqa's next-gen high-throughput platform to scale up transactions.

This collaboration is built on the back of an established and rapidly growing business which provide immediate scale to Zilliqa’s ground breaking platform. We believe the consequence will be transformational for our community, our content partners and the blockchain space at large.

Subin Subaiah

CEO, Spuul

Zilliqa was designed with high-throughput and security in mind. The Spokkz-Zilliqa collaboration will be a high-profile scalability showcase in the blockchain space.

Juzar Motiwalla

Chairman, Zilliqa


Subin Subaiah, Global CEO at Spokkz – Speaking about the creation of Spokkz and how it will transform the future of media and entertainment industry.

Subin Subaiah

CEO & CO-Founder Spuul

S Mohan COO at Spuul - Speaking on Spokkz token economics and how Spokkz will create value in the economy.

S Mohan

COO & CO-Founder Spuul

Dr. Juzar Motiwalla, Chairman at Zilliqa – A next generation, high throughput blockchain platform, designed for scalability and security.

Dr. Juzar Motiwalla

Chairman of Zilliqa

Roger Lim, Executive ICO Advisor to Spuul - Making a case for Spokkz in determining the future of a decentralised movie ecosystem.

Roger Lim

Founding Partner at NEO Global Capital

Subin Subaiah, Global CEO at Spuul - Speaking about how the partnership with AWS Elemental has helped the company innovate for success!

Subin Subaiah

CEO & CO-Founder Spuul

Media Crowdfunding and Community Partnership
powered by SPOKKZ Tokens

SPOKKZ is a constructively disruptive force and is a powerful complement to the traditional model for the entertainment production industry.

SPOKKZ invites the ultimate consumer of programs to support artists of their choice for creative challenges.

Ken Munekata

President & Representative Director, BBC Worldwide Japan

President & Representative Director, SONY Pictures Japan

I love disruptive innovation! SPOKKZ's visionary idea of changing the way films are created, funded and distributed creates an entirely new market and value network for the film industry. Spokkz will displace the way the film industry operates and de-centralizing the power of what to build and fund to the end-users in an affordable and efficient manner.

Roger Lim

Founding Partner, NEO Global Capital (NGC)

SPOKKZ by Spuul
Pioneers of Bollywood streaming

Mature VOD/OTT platform. 60 million wallets. Content hungry and vocal community.

Launched in 2012, Spuul is a leading Singapore based over-the-top (OTT) provider with offices in Mumbai, Dubai, Sydney, and Auckland. Over 60 million users in 180 countries enjoying a huge library of Asian content.

60,000 transactions pass through Spuul users’ secure wallets every day, Spuul attained nearly US$ 14 million in revenue in 2017, projected to double every year over the next three years. The company has already been seeded USD 10mn by the founders.

Spuul made Asian entertainment a breeze to consume for everyone. With SPOKKZ, “everyone” becomes part of an influential community.

Giving Voice to Content Creators,
Viewers and Fans

SPOKKZ tokens remove friction from content creation,
distribution and monetisation, enabling fans & creators to become collaborators.


Rate, share and review movies & TV shows to earn SPOKKZ tokens from the ecosystem.


Spend tokens to stream premium content, shop at partner stores, or convert SPOKKZ to BTC/ETH.


Crowdfund movies & TV series seamlessly via the blockchain.


Be a part of a premier global entertainment community.

Mature user base - Millions of wallets

Most ICOs offer plans and promises. We offer a proven infrastructure and millions of paying users.

The Spuul ecosystem today already has a secure wallet for fiat currencies, which allows users to top up and receive top ups from others. Our customers use it to make 1.8 million transactions every month in 15 currencies.

Spokkz will be adding blockchain support so that the wallets will accept ERC20-based tokens like SPOKKZ. Even non-subscribers will be able to use the wallet for community peer exchanges and to participate in the crowdfunding marketplace.

SPOKKZ Eco-System


Spuul in the News

7 hottest rivals of Netflix…..…You don't have to wait for movies to be downloaded to watch them, as Spuul lets you watch movies while they are being downloaded in the background.
Economic Times, Aug-2016

Key Partners

Tax and Regulatory



KYC Compliance


Meet our Team

Subin Subaiah

CEO & Co-Founder Spuul

S Mohan

COO & Co-Founder Spuul

Rajiv Vaidya

CEO, Spuul India

Krishanu Singhal

CFO, Spuul

D Girish

Head of Content

Sudarshan Sharma

Head of Business Dev, Spuul India

Srihari Y

Head of Engineering, Spuul

Jimbo Cortes

Blockchain Architect & Developer

Daniel Muller

Solutions Architect, Spuul

Sunit Sharma

Head of UI/UX and Design

Our Advisory Board

Alok Kochhar

Former Vice-Chairman (Asia)

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Ken Munekata

Former President BBC Japan

Sony Broadcast Media Japan

Sony Picture Entertainment Japan

William Pfeiffer

Executive Chairman, Co-Founder

Globalgate Entertainment

CEO Dragongate Entertainment

Former CEO of Tiger Gate Entertainment

Edward Du

Co-Founder, CEO of Talenta Pte. Ltd.

CEO of MaxiMine

Co-founder, The Blockchain Hub, SG

Director, Tsinghua German Innovation Center

John Ford

Director Fidelity China Special Situations Plc

Ex-Global Chief Investment Officer Fidelity International

Roger Lim

Founding Partner at NEO Global Capital (NGC)

Executive ICO Advisor to Spuul


Dr Juzar Motiwalla

Co-Founder of Anquan

Chairman of Zilliqa


Spuul Global COO, S. Mohan, presenting SPOKKZ – A Community Powered Film & TV Blockchain Ecosystem at the Blockchain conference in Hong Kong.

Spuul Global CEO, Subin Subaiah, at the coveted AWS Summit 2018 in Singapore. Delivering an interesting session, on how differently we use innovation to build operations.

Daniel Muller, Solutions Architect at Spuul at the coveted AWS Summit 2018 in Singapore. Giving an insightful walkthrough, he spoke about Spuul’s server less data lake architecture to Big-Data enthusiasts.

Girish Dwibhashyam, Head - Content at Spuul at the OTTv Summit 2018 in Mumbai. Speaking as one of the panellists for the session - The potential of original/regional content in engaging the audience and in monetization.

Girish Dwibhashyam, Head of Content at Spuul, was a part of DISCOP 2018 in Dubai. In the special session titled ‘Discover India’, Girish was a panellist along with other industry experts.

Subin Subaiah, Global CEO at Spuul at the Media Innovation Forum 2018, Singapore. Speaking as one of the panellists at the Media Innovation Game Changers: Defragmenting the Fragmented OTT Platform.

Rajiv Vaidya, CEO, Spuul India, at FICCI FRAMES 2016, speaking on the challenges before the OTT players and the evolution of the digital subscription model, along with other industry experts.

Rajiv Vaidya, CEO, Spuul India, speaking with ET NOW News channel about the rise of OTT market in India and Spuul’s current and future plans ahead.

Speaking with Bloomberg TV news channel, Rajiv Vaidya, CEO, Spuul India, talks everything, right from Spuul’s inception, current structure and future plans.

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